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  • Website Design

    Website Design

    Quality Reliable websites

    As a team of trained web developers we provie you with the best website design. Our professionals are well trained and used to application of various web technologies including jQuery, Ajax PHP Mysql, as well as different web development frameworks such as cakePHP, simfony, zend etc..

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  • Multimedia Production


    Music Production, Graphics and Video Production

    Quality music creation and production, music engineering and mastering, Graphics, Posters and ads designs using most cutting edge technologies and softwares, HD music video production and movie editting.

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  • System

    System Design

    Desktop and Web based Systems and Applications

    Desktop applications development using visualStudio dotNet framework development tools, Website design, web application design using PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, Using content management systems including joomla, wordpress, and drupal, mobile software application development.

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NGS Labs

NGS Labs is a Tanzanian company working in communications and multmedia production. It was created in July 2010, it is based in Old Moshi Kilimanjaro. We specialize in Website Designing, Software Development, Music production,Graphics Designing, film production, and corporate marketing which includes corporate video, web video, multimedia presentation, flash animation and web hosting services. All the required expertise has been put in place to ensure the high quality of our productions. From writing to editing our staff is there to lead your business to success.

Our priority is to ensure that, as our client, you're able to communicate efficiently and effectively with your customers. We will organize your information and supply the marketing tools and business intelligence required to make each production a success. In today's competitive world, good communication is the key to success. NGS Labs will sit with you to discuss your needs and provide you with the package that works for your business. Being able to get quality product is a must, the capacity to get them you has, and a way to implement is there, that why we're here to provide.

Our Software products

Ringle Antivirus

Product: 01

Ringle Antivirus is a free, simple and easy to use antivirus that scans for specific computer viruses that are more commonly spreading nowadays. The viruses tend to hide files and create shortcuts in any plug and play devices that are pluged to the computer.

NGS Camera Plus

Product: 02

If you are in a need of a security camera control system, here you are. NGS Camera Plus is a software that will enable you to control your security camera as far as you need. It supports features like motion detection, scheduling, and video recording. It can also communicate directly with your hardware.


Our Products


  • NGS Labs Camera
  • Ringle antivirus
  • GPA calculators

Web systems

  • Sustudents Information System


  • Koshika mochi - Gerere


  • Mayweather - Dubo